Diploma in Special Needs Studies


There is no doubt that there has been an obvious boom in psychological and social studies in recent years, whether in Lebanon or the Arab World, in response to the conflicts, revolutions and socio-economic problems sweeping through the region. However, there remains a category of people who are largely marginalized, namely those with special needs. This includes people with mental, physical or educational disabilities, among others. In line with Beirut Arab University’s keenness on offering the latest in the academic field, it is proposed to introduce a diploma that focuses on studies relevant to special needs from various facets. The aim is to raise the awareness of the learner as to the myriad of psychological, social, medical, administrative and environmental needs of this category of people.

The aim of the program:

This program aims at developing the basic skills necessary for anyone interested in working with special needs people. The program also aims at developing the ethical, legal and humanitarian attitudes towards this category of children, to prepare a cadre of academically qualified specialists, able to serve the community of special needs people in particular as well as the society at large.

Target Groups:

All holders of a BA or a BSc from a recognized university may join this program. The program is also open to teachers in special needs schools, as well as psychologists, sociologists, workers of civil society organizations that focus upon all forms of special needs.


24 CHs completed in 2 semesters

  • Mandatory courses = 16 credits
  • Elective courses = 8 credits

First Semester (Fall) = 4 Mandatory courses + 2 Elective courses = 12 credits.

Second Semester (Spring) = 4 Mandatory courses + 2 Elective courses = 12 credits.