Department of Sociology


 Academic Staff

 Chairperson                      Prof. Mayssah Ahmed El-Nayal

Assistant Professor             Dr. Doha Ashkar Sarraf

Part-time Lecturers            Dr. Hayfa Sallam, Dr. Siham Wannous


The Sociology Department seeks to advance the discipline of sociology as an area of scholarly, professional, and scientific endeavor. It offers programs aimed at preparing qualified graduates who are able to enhance the accomplishment of the society's social, economic and developmental goals. The department mission is to encourage research and field studies, as well as to develop educated individuals who are competitive in both top quality graduate programs and the job market.


  • Prepare and qualify graduates in sociology to conduct research and studies on sociological phenomena, issues and problems.
  • Qualify students to contribute to different programs such as volunteer and developmental fields.
  • Prepare graduates to carry out social programs, training courses, and research.
  • Prepare graduates to think critically and analytically to deal with social problems such as poverty, unemployment and family problems.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Apply theories, concepts and methodologies related to sociological practice.
  • Express sociological ideas clearly, both in writing and presentations.
  • Analyse sociological issues and draw correct inferences using qualitative and qualitative analyses.
  • Explain the effect of social institutions on group relations and interactions.

 Degree Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor Degree in Sociology, students must successfully complete a total of 99 credits + ICDL. The standard duration for the completion of the requirements for a bachelor degree is 6 semesters.

 Career Opportunities

A graduate in the Sociology major can be an admission, delinquency or career services counselor, can work in an adoption agency or can be a consultant at social organizations.

Program Overview

I. University Requirements

II. Program Requirements