Department of History


 Academic Staff

 Chairperson                         Dr. Mohammed Ali El Kouzi

Professors                             Dr. Hassan Ali Hallak        

Part-time Lecturers             Dr. Falah Khaled El Ali, Dr. Issam Khalifa, Dr. Issam Shbaro, Dr. Khaled El Kordi


The Department of History seeks to interpret the past to understand the present, promote feelings of patriotism and introduce students to various events and developments, explaining these in contemporary terms.


  • Prepare graduates to spread knowledge about history and understand the mechanisms underlying historical change.
  • Train students to conduct academic research in accordance with up-to-date methods.
  • Prepare graduates capable of achieving the goals of historical studies and of meeting the job-market needs.
  • Prepare graduates to study history aiming at understanding the present and planning for the future.

 Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct scientific research using the latest historical approaches.
  • Bridge gaps in historical knowledge and analyze contemporary issues.
  • Analyze historical issues and correlate them with historical developments.
  • Edit and analyze manuscripts.

 Degree Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor Degree in History, students must successfully complete a total of 99 credits + ICDL. The standard duration for the completion of the requirements for a bachelor degree is 6 semesters.

 Career Opportunities

Graduates of the History Department can work in the field of cultural affairs, as teachers, as historians, manuscript analysts, in the fields of political sciences and diplomacy, and help in establishing and propagating cultural dialogues.

Program Overview

I. University Requirements

II.Program Requirements