• Degree: Bachelor
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Human Sciences
  • Department: English Language and Literature

Program Description


Chairperson Dr. Laila Helmi
Associate Professor Dr. Adel Sakakini
Part-time Lecturers Dr. Adnan Khatab, Dr. Monib Ayoub, Mr. Akram Zreik, Dr. Diana Hadi Ms. Hiam Abboud, Ms. Ghada Onsy, Ms. Roudaina Osman Ms. Loulou Saab, Ms. Sawsan Toehme, Ms. Jihan Janoun Ms. Ghada Attie, Ms. Layal Mosleh, Ms. Loubna Nehme Ms. Angie Murad

Inspired by the mission of the Faculty of Human Sciences, the Department of English provides maximum opportunities for learning, addresses new challenges and responsibilities in a demanding environment where quality is paramount, enables the personal development of individuals, and develops the mental and intellectual potential of students by promoting critical thinking and sustainable learning for life and professional experience. This is achieved through providing a relaxed atmosphere in which a liberal education offers diversity within the realms of personal goals, aspirations and individuality.

  • Encouraging personal growth through research, attending conferences, conducting research projects.
  • Supervising academic theses according to the Department’s research plan and policies based upon the job-market needs.
  •  Encouraging interdisciplinary studies and research.
  • Providing students with state-of-the-art workshops, training courses and knowledge.
  • Encouraging students to think analytically and critically.
  • Providing students with a warm, interactive and active environment which motivates students to seek self-development and self-improvement.
  • Encouraging students to participate in recreational and cultural activities.
  • Preparing graduates capable of coping with the challenges of a constantly changing job-market.
  • Outline features of different literary genres.
  • Identify major linguistic topics.
  • Explain literary and critical theories.
  • istinguish different methods of teaching.
  • Produce translations of Arabic and English texts.
  • Analyze themes and characters in literary works.
  • Compose arguments and supporting ideas to elaborate a thesis statement; • Develop personal responses to literary works.

To obtain a Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature, students must successfully complete a total of 99 credits + ICDL. The standard duration for the completion of the requirements for a bachelor degree is 6 semesters.

A graduate of the English Department can work as a teacher, a translator, an editor, a public relations officer, an executive secretary, English-speaking anchor on TV, as well as with publishing houses, airlines, cultural organizations and other institutions that require a sound knowledge of English.

Study Plan:

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
ENGL223 Introduction to Poetry 2 (2Crs:2Lec) MD
ENGL225 Introduction to Drama 2 (2Crs:2Lec) MD
ENGL227 Language Enhancement 2 (2Crs:4Tutorial) MD
ENGL229 Introduction to Fiction 2 (2Crs:2Lec) MD
ENGL325 Translation into Arabic 2 (2Crs:1Lec + 2Practical) ED
Second Semester
ENGL222 Drama from the Beginning till the 18th Century 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL224 English Civilization (16th to 20th Century) 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL226 Poetry (16th to 18th Century) 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL228 Advanced Writing 2 (2Crs:4Practical) ED
ENGL230 Classical Heritage 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL232 Non-literary Texts 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL234 Paraliterature 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
Third Semester
ENGL321 English Novel (18th & 19th Century) 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL323 Introduction to Linguistics 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL327 English in the Media 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL329 Creative Writing 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL331 Reading Language Varieties 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL333 Literary Appreciation 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL335 Contemporary American Poetry 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
Fourth Semester
ENGL322 Romantic, Victorian & Modern Poetry 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL324 Syntax and Morphology 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL326 American Literature 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL328 Translation into English 2 (2Crs:1Lec + 2Practical) ED
ENGL330 Sociolinguistics 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL332 Phonetics and Phonology 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL334 Seminar for English Majors 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL336 History of the English Language 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
Fifth Semester
ENGL421 Literary Criticism 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL423 Modern Drama 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL425 Contemporary World Fiction 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL427 Language Acquisition 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL429 Pragmatics 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL431 Introduction to Comparative Literature 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL433 Literature and Culture 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL435 American Fiction 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL436 Literary Movements 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL437 American Drama 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
Sixth Semester
ENGL422 Century Novel 20 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL424 Shakespeare 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL426 Semantics & Discourse Analysis 3 (3Crs:3Lec) MD
ENGL428 Introduction to Contemporary Critical Theory 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL430 Methods of Teaching 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL432 Corpus and Text Linguistics 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED
ENGL434 Critical Discourse Analysis 2 (2Crs:2Lec) ED