• Degree: Bachelor
  • Campus: Debbieh,Tripoli
  • Faculty: Engineering
  • Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Program Description

The Electrical Engineering Department offers a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Power and Machines. The EPM program focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of power engineering by addressing the fundamental concepts of engineering mathematics, physical sciences, electrical machines, power electronics, power system analysis, and high voltage engineering. The department plays a vital role in providing Lebanon and the region with qualified electrical power engineers. The department also offers Master and Ph. D. degrees in power engineering to cater for working professionals in electric power companies, utilities, manufacturing establishments and the energy sector in Lebanon.

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
MATH281 Linear Algebra 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) BSMC
PHYS282 Material Properties And Heat 3 (3Crs.: 2Lec,2Lab) BSMC
ENGR002 Introduction To Engineering 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab) GEC
MATH282 Calculus 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) BSMC
CHEM241 Principles of Chemistry 3 (3Cr.:3 Lec) BSMC
------- General Electives 2 (2) E
Second Semester
MCHE213 Dynamics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) GE
MATH381 Probability And Statistics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) BSMC
MATH283 Differential Equations 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) BSMC
CHEM405 Solid State Chemistry 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab) BSMC
PHYS281 Electricity And Magnetism 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) BSMC
POWE212 Electric Circuits I 3 (3 Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) ETOS
Summer I
------- General Electives 4 (4) E
Third Semester
COME212L Electric Circuits Lab 1 (1Cr.:0Lec,2Lab) CEECC
POWE271 Electromagnetic Fundamentals 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) EPMECC
COMP225 Digital Systems I 3 (3Crs.: 2Lec, 2Lab) ETOS
COME214 Electric Circuits II 3 (3 Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) CEECC
MATH284 Numerical Analysis 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) BSMC
COME221L Electronic Circuits I Lab 1 (1Cr.) ETOS
COME221 Electronic Circuits I 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CEECC
Fourth Semester
ENGL211 Advanced Writing 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab) GEC
POWE342 Control Systems I 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWE342L Control Systems Lab 1 (1 Cr.: 2 Lab) EPMECC
POWE324 Electrical Power Systems 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWE324L Electrical Power Systems Lab 1 (1 Cr.: 2 Lab) EPMECC
POWE344 Instrumentation And Measurement 3 (3 Crs.: 2 Lec, 2 Lab) EPMECC
COMP326 Intro. to Microprocessor with Applications 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) ETOS
COMP326L Introduction To Microprocessor With Applications Lab 1 (1Crs.: 0Lec, 2Lab) ETOS
Summer II
ENGR001 Engineering Ethics 1 (1Crs.: 1Lec, 0Lab) GEC
MGMT002 Entrepreneurship I 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec, 0Lab) GEC
ENGL300 Speech Communications 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab) GEC
------- General Electives 2 (2) E
Fifth Semester
POWE445 Control Systems II 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWE435 Electric Machinery I 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWE435L Electric Machinery I Lab 1 (1 Cr.: 2 Lab) EPMECC
POWE423 Electrical Power System Analysis 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWE433 Power Electronic Circuits I 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWE433L Power Electronic Circuits Lab 1 (1 Cr.: 2 Lab) EPMECC
INME221 Engineering Economy 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) GE
Sixth Semester
COMP208 Programming I 3 (3Crs.: 2Lec,2Lab) GE
INME423 Project Planning & Management 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Tut) ETOS
POWE436 Electric Machinery II 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWE436L Electric Machinery II LAB 1 (1 Cr.: 2 Lab) EPMECC
POWE420 Electrical Power System Protection 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWE420L Electrical Power System Protection LAB 1 (1 Cr.: 2 Lab) EPMECC
POWE434 Power Electronic Circuits II 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
Seventh Semester
POWE531 Electrical Drives 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) EPMECC
POWE543 Industrial Automation 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWE543L Industrial Automation Lab 1 (1 Cr.: 2 Lab) EPMECC
POWE531L Electric Drives Lab 1 (1 Cr.: 2 Lab) EPMECC
POWE499 Internship 1 (1 Cr) EPMECC
POWE500 Research Methodology 2 (2 Crs.: 2 Lec) EPMECC
POWE501 Final Year Project I 1 (1Cr.) EPMECC
POWExxx Technical Electives 1 6 (6) E
Eighth Semester
POWE502 Final Year Project II 3 (3 Cr.) EPMECC
POWE528 Electrical Power Generation 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWE526 Introduction To Renewable Energy 3 (3 Crs.: 3 Lec) EPMECC
POWExxx Technical Electives 2 6 (6) E