• Degree: Bachelor
  • Campus: Debbieh
  • Faculty: Engineering
  • Department: Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Program Description

The Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department is devoted to educating exemplary chemical engineers by instituting best learning practices that drives knowledge, build skills and competencies, and inspire the learner to define a purpose, develop a passion to forever learn, cultivate a sense of responsibility toward the profession, society and the environment, and attain the ability to confront challenges, and in so doing contribute to the advancement of the community, immediate and beyond.

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
MATH281 Linear Algebra 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) BSMC
CVLE210 Statics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) GE
COMP208 Programming I 3 (3Crs.: 2Lec,2Lab) GE
PHYS281 Electricity And Magnetism 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) BSMC
MCHE201 Engineering Drawing And Graphics 3 (3Crs.: 1Lec,4Lab) GE
Second Semester
PHYS282 Material Properties And Heat 3 (3Crs.: 2Lec,2Lab) BSMC
MCHE213 Dynamics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) GE
MATH282 Calculus 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) BSMC
CHME202 Introduction To Chemical Engineering 3 (3Crs:3Lec) CECC
CHEM281 Principles of Chemistry I 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) CECC
Summer I
------- General Electives 4 (4) E
Third Semester
MATH283 Differential Equations 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) BSMC
ENGL211 Advanced Writing 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab) GEC
MCHE331 Fluid Mechanics I 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) MECC
MCHE321 Thermodynamics I 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) MECC
CHEM282 Principles of Chemistry II 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) CECC
CHEM331 Organic Chemistry 3 (3Crs.:2Lec,2Lab) CECC
Fourth Semester
MATH284 Numerical Analysis 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) BSMC
MCHE332 Fluid Mechanics II 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) MECC
MCHE322 Thermodynamics II 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) MECC
CHEM345 Inorganic Chemistry I 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CECC
CHEM248 Physical Chemistry I 3 (3Crs.:3Lec) CECC
CHMExxx Technical Electives 1 3 (3) E
Summer II
MGMT002 Entrepreneurship I 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec, 0Lab) GEC
ENGL300 Speech Communications 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab) GEC
------- General Elective 4 (4) E
Fifth Semester
MATH381 Probability And Statistics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) BSMC
CHME406 Catalytic Processes 3 (3Crs.3Lec,0Lab) CECC
CHME301 Separation Processes 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CECC
CHME302 Chemical Engineering Reaction 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec) CECC
CHME302L Chemical Engineering Reaction 1 (1Cr.: 2Lab) CECC
MCHE421 Heat Transfer 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) MECC
Sixth Semester
CHME403 Process Control 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec) CECC
CHME403L Process Control Lab 1 (1Cr.: 2Lab) CECC
CHME304 Membrane Science 3 (3Crs.:3Lec) CECC
CHME405 Reactor Design 3 (3Crs.3Lec,0Lab) CECC
CHME407 Mass Transfer 3 (3Crs:3Lec,0Lab) CECC
CHME500 Research Methodology 2 (2Crs.:2Lec,0Lab) CECC
INME221 Engineering Economy 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) GE
Seventh Semester
CHME404 Transportation Of Hydrocarbons 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CECC
CHME402 Unit Operation 3 (3Crs: 3Lec) CECC
CHME402L Unit Operation 1 (1Cr: 2Lab) CECC
CHME408 Chemical Process Design 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CECC
CHEM358 Surface and Colloid Chemistry 3 (3Crs.:3Lec) CECC
CHME501 Final Year Project I 1 (1Cr.) CECC
CHME499 Internship 1 (1Cr.) CECC
CHMExxx Technical Electives 2 3 (3) E
Eighth Semester
ENGR001 Engineering Ethics 1 (1Crs.: 1Lec, 0Lab) GEC
CHME502 Final Year Project II 3 (3Cr.) CECC
CHME507 Process Optimization 3 (3Crs.3Lec,0Lab) CECC
CHME511 Polymer Engineering 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CECC
CHMExxx Technical Electives 3 6 (6) E