• Degree: PhD
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Dentistry
  • Department: Dentistry

Program Description

The PhD requirements for Prosthodontics consists of 50 credit hours taken as follows: • Mandatory Courses: 24Crs. • Elective Courses: 6Crs. • Thesis dissertation: 20Crs.

The standard duration of study to obtain the PhD Degree in Dentistry is minimum 3 years and maximum 6 years (minimum 6 semesters and maximum 12 semesters) in all specialties.

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
ORAD701 Maxillofacial Imaging 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
PROS701 Prosthodontics I 2 (2 Lec) PROS
PROS707 Planning for Advanced Prosthetic Cases I 1 (1 Lec) PROS
PROS791 Prosthodontic Clinics I 2 (6 Prac) PROS
Second Semester
BIOM712 Applied Biomaterials 1 (1 Lec) BIOM
PHBS702 Statistical Methods for Dental Research 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
PHBS704 Research Methodology 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
PROS702 Prosthodontics II 2 (2 Lec) PROS
PROS792 Prosthodontic Clinics II 2 (6 Prac) PROS
Third Semester
PROS703 Prosthodontics III 2 (2 Lec) PROS
PROS709 Planning for Advanced Prosthetic Cases II 1 (1 Lec) PROS
PROS793 Prosthodontic Clinics III 2 (6 Prac) PROS
Fourth Semester
PHBS706 Medical Education 1 (1 Lec) Bas. Sci.
PROS704 Prosthodontics IV 2 (2 Lec) PROS
PROS794 Prosthodontic Clinics IV 2 (6 Prac) PROS