• Degree: Master
  • Campus: Beirut
  • Faculty: Business Administration
  • Department: Business Administration

Program Description

The Supply Chain Management MBA (SCM-MBA) is designed to enhance career prospects in the field of logistics and supply chain management, commodities and services exchange, customs and forwarding services, operations management and inventory management. The program provides a great opportunity to study the last semester abroad at the Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Maritime Transport, a major partner of the Suez Canal authorities.

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
SCM601 Contemporary Management 3 3 Major R
SCM603 Marketing Management 3 3 Major R
SCM602 Managerial Economics 3 3 Major R
SCM604 Applied Statistics 3 3 Major R
Second Semester
SCM606 International Trade 3 3 Major R
SCM607 Logistics Management 3 3 Major R
SCM605 Managerial Finance 3 3 Major R
SCM608 Management of Distribution Institutions 3 3 Major R
Third Semester
SCM609 Organization Behavior and Development 3 3 Major R
SCM610 Accounting and Financial Reporting 3 3 Major R
SCM611 Supply Chain Management 3 3 Major R
SCM612 Operations Management 3 3 Major R
Fourth Semester
SCM613 E-Supply Chain Management 3 3 Major R
SCM614 Supply Chain Modeling 3 3 Major R
SCM615 Customer Relationship Management 3 3 Major R
SCM616 Strategic Management 3 3 Major R