Iman Fathy El Ghazzawy

Iman Fathy El Ghazzawy
Faculty: Health SciencesDepartment: Medical Laboratory TechnologyPosition: ProfessorOffice Number: 525Phone: 00961-1-300110Ext: 2453E-mail:


MBBCH Graduate institution: Faculty of Medicine- Alexandria University (rank 10th over 700 students).1976.
MS - Graduate institution: Faculty of Medicine- Alexandria University.1980
MD- Faculty of Medicine- Alexandria University. 1986.
Started teaching since 1978 in Practical sessions at Faculty of Medicine - Alexandria University and started  teaching lectures for groups about 700 students after holding the MD in 1992 up till end of 2015 in the same university. I also taught at Beirut Arab University as a visitor professor for 8 times in the faculty of Medicine starting from year 1998 till year 2015 as well as Gryounis university at Benghazi, Libya for 2 successive academic years 2005, 2006 for postgraduate medical students.
In the academic year 2015-2016, I was assigned as the head of Medical Laboratory Technology department- Faculty of Health Science – at Beirut Arab University  as well as teaching students of Faculty of Medicine & post graduate dental students.

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The coordinator of Microbiology for the international undergraduate learning program held by faculty of medicine in 2006 – 2007,2007-2008.
Academic instructor for systematic bacteriology since spring 2009 until 2015. (Master degree).
Academic instructor for the microbiology of orthopedics since spring 2009 until spring 2015.

2015-2016 Courses

Spring Courses
-    Clinical Laboratory Bacteriology (3 Crs.)
-    Microbiology  for  healthcare workers (3 Crs.)
-    Basic & clinical Virology. (2 Crs.)
-    GIT module & female genital system module for 2nd year Medical students.

Fall Courses
-    Virology and Mycology (2 Crs.)
-    Infection Control & Management. (3 Crs.)
-    Food Borne Diseases. (2 Crs.)
-    Modules respiratory & cardiovascular .
-    Female genital system for 2nd year Medical students.
-    Concept of Health & diseases module for 1st year Medical students .
-    Microbiology for post graduate masters for Dental students.

Research Interest

Area of Bacteriology:
- Resistance of Bacteria to different antibiotics
- Identification of Bacteria of high level resistance  such as MRSE, MRSA, VRSA, HLAR enterococci
Area of Virology:
- ELISSA to detect viral antibodies or antigens
- Qualitative PCR


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35-    Phenotypic and genotypic methods of metallo beta lactamases among carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae clinical isolates in Alexandria main university hospital. Sent to ECCMID (European society of clinical microbiology & infectious disease) to be presented during 9-12 April 2016 in Istanbul/ Turkey.


- Member of the “ Student Affair and Teaching Committee” in Faculty Of Medicine Alex. University in academic years.
- Member of Egyptian Society for Medical Microbiology.
- One Of The Contributors in Writing books of Microbiology For:
a.    Third Year Medical Students
b.    Post graduate students who are preparing Master in different clinical branches of medicine.
The coordinator of Microbiology for the international undergraduate learning program held by faculty of medicine in 2006 – 2007,2007-2008

- Visiting Beirut Arab University as visitor professor for 5 Successive academic years at faculty of medicine.
2007 – 2008 (8 weeks).
2008 – 2009 (8 weeks).
2009 – 2010 (8 weeks)
2010 – 2011 (8 weeks)
2014 2015 (5 months)

- Visiting Garyounis University at Benghazi ,  Libya as a visitor professor for 2 successive academic years 2005, 2006. Teaching a compressive course in Microbiology for post graduate students (Surgery).

- Academic instructor for systematic bacteriology since spring 2009 until 2015. (Master degree).
- Academic instructor for the microbiology of orthopedics since spring 2009 until spring 2015.

•    Attending Several International Conferences Held Under the Supervision of the Egyptian Society For Medical Microbiology.

Supervising                17                MS            Thesis
                                  4                MD            Thesis
(A)    Titles of MS Supervised Thesis
1-    Studies On Some Plasmids Of Enterotoxigenic  Escherichia Coli.
Discussed 1987.
2-    The Efficacy Of Penicillin Compared To Some Antibiotics in Acute
Streptococcal Pharyngitis.
 Discussed 1988.
3-    Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern Of Hospital Strains Of Staphylococcus Aureus .
4-    The Pattern Of Antibiotic Sensitivity To Hospital Strains Of Eschericia Coli .
Discussed 1989.
5-    Isolation Of Campylobacter Pylori From Endoscpic Gastric Biopsies Of Patients
With Gastritis.
Discussed 1989.
6-    Aerobic And Nou-Sporulating Anaerobic Bacteria Isolated From Cases With Chronic Bone Infection.
Discussed 1990.
7-    The Effect Of Honey Application On Napkin Dermatitis Of Various Etiologies – Discussed 1991.
8-    The Results Of Lavasept Slution In Treatment Of Osteomyelitis.
Discussed 1993.
9-    A Follow up Study Of Serum Complement Responses To Acute Streptococcal Pharyngitis in Children.
Discussed 1995.
10-    Detection Of Anti-M.Leprae Phenolic Glycolopid-1 Antibody As An Early Diagnosis Of Leprosy .
Discussed 1995.
11-    Study On The Prevelance Of Shigellosis And Acute Amoebic Dysentry Among Infants And Children Presenting With Bloody Diarrhoea.
Discussed 1996.
12-    Comparison Of The Serological And The Invasive Biopsy Dependent Diagnosis For Detecting Helicobacter Pylori Infection.
Discussed 1998.
13-    Assessment Of Mutans Streptococci Level In Plaque Adjacent To Class II Compomer In Primary Molors .
14-    Evaluation of Different Methods Fort Rapid Detection of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
15-    The role of Chlamydia Pneumonia and Mycoplasma  Pneumonia among children with community acquired lower respiratory tract infection in Alexandria. Discussed 2010.
(B)    Titles of MD Supervised Thesis:
1-    Association of Common Bacteria and Viruses With Lower Respiratory Tract Infections In Children In El-Shatby Hospital.
Discussed 1983.
2-    Computed Tomography In Infants and Children With Acute Bacterial Meningitis. Discussed.
3-    Studies On Virulence Factors Of Diarrhoegenic E-coli Isolated From Infants In Alexandria. Discussed.
4-    Molecular and serological techniques for diagnosis of culture- negative infective endocarditis in Alexandria.