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The policy of library collection development is one of the most important library processes. It is the essential foundation for any university library. Collection development aims at obtaining a rich collection of various information sources to serve the purpose of educational and scientific research and is done after careful selection according to established criteria and careful budgeting.


The mission of the Library Acquisition Department is to support educational processes, educational programs, and scientific research by providing various modern information sources to satisfy the needs of users (academic staff – researchers – students – employees).


The Acquisition Department is keen on keeping up with the educational process and shifting towards e-learning with all that requires of availability of electronic information sources that aid in this process.

 Collection development policy:

The Acquisition Department at Beirut Arab University follows a clear policy to purchase all what is related to development in curricula, educational programs, and teaching methods. This policy is written and constitutes a guide for all followed procedures. It is revised annually through library collection evaluations and library trustee, academic staff, and student feedback.

Objectives and tasks:

The acquisition department aims at:

- Providing various information sources to cater the needs of users.

- Supporting scientific research and educational programs.

- Increasing library collections according to student numbers.

- Improving work performance and keeping up with development.

- Selection (acquisition)criteria and basis for selection:

The criteria of selection is:

- According to budgets and library capacity.

- Based on the adherence of information sources with library objectives and their fulfillment of academic staff, researchers, students, and employee’s needs.

Selection basis is as follows:

- The numbers of academic staff, specialties, research interests, and different activities

- Student committee numbers, specialties, academic levels, interests, and scientific concerns

- Available departments, faculties, and academic programs

- Used curricula and courses

- Utilized teaching and evaluation methods

- The extent of student interest in reading, research, and learning.

- Awareness of recent publications and review of publisher lists.


Exchange is an agreement between two or more libraries of shared interest for exchange of library collections. Each library provides unwanted library collections which the other library needs. This happens without financial cooperation. Exchange takes place between libraries of similar interests such as university libraries which share goals, collections, and services.

Beirut Arab University libraries are ready for exchange services with libraries that the University has agreements with and with institution that share the same goals and interests.

Exchanged items:

• Repeated copies

• Unwanted book and journal publications


Gifting is as a vital element in building library collections. It comes from an individual or organization’s contribution to gift one or more copies of a book or a collection of books. Libraries at Beirut Arab University may receive collections of different sources such as books, journals, and others.

University libraries receive many gifted books from various sources. Libraries also receive some journals published by universities and academic bodies as gifts.

Gifting sources:

• Authors who offer copies of their intellectual products to the library free of charge

• Publishers who offer their publications as sources of publicity

• Individuals who donate their entire libraries after death

• Libraries who offer gifts of books and other library collections

Gift receiving policy:

• Books should target library collection development

• They should not be repeated

• They should not contain outdated or unprecise information

• They should not be worn out or damaged

• Their subjects should not be unrelated to University libraries

• Their subjects should not cause sectarian clashes



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