Policy of Acquisition
The library committee, which includes the library director in addition to members of the faculty from all colleges , is responsible for selecting the collection that consist of books , journals and databases online

Target Audience
Professors, researchers, students

Library director is responsible for defining the budget request, through the identification of needs, in accordance of the library committee, and with senior management of the University of the Implementation of the distribution of the budget allocated for the library. The budget should take into consideration the electronic and traditional collection, equipments, technical matters, training of staff

Format of materials (electronic resources-CD-ROM, Online databases, books, journals), print format

Criteria for selecting collection depends on the need for academic, research, and also take into consideration the selection of recent prints for the collection of books covering all disciplines available in the university

Collection evaluation
Evaluate collection is based on percentage of loan, inside the walls of the library and the outside, and the percentage of the use of e-books, e-journals and on line databases

Collection maintenance
Library are continuously and permanently inventory process, to maintain the image of modern library and renewable, in order to keep pace with the expansion of their collections

Gifts and exchanges
Through the library external relations, the process of exchange and gifts through a number of criteria, are exchanges with similar institutions, and gifts that have a specific value

Copyright law
Beirut Arab University libraries is committed to copyright, photography is limited only for the purposes of research and writing scientific papers…