The Faculty of Pharmacy set fifth level students for a qualifying exam on 25 January 2017, which consisted of two parts. The first part was a comprehensive written exam and the second part was an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

OCSE included interactive and non-interactive stations to evaluate the core competencies for pharmacy students at entry to practice such as ethical, legal, and professional responsibilities, patient care, and knowledge and research application. Moreover, interpersonal and communication skills, and professional judgment were also assessed through OSCE. Therefore, the implementation of OSCE as a method of assessment aimed  to ensure that our students are meeting the clinical and professional competencies required by the international standards of professional pharmacy practice since it is the gold standard for the evaluation of clinical skills of undergraduate pharmacy students worldwide.

I really enjoyed the preparation of OSCE stations as well as being an assessor in OSCE. The flow of students through stations was smooth and highly organized. The students were professional in attitude and had good implementation of their knowledge and professional skills that they acquired throughout their courses and experiential learning. I am very proud that our efforts were not wasted and that our future pharmacists will reflect the bright image of their Faculty’ quoted Dr. Deema Rahme.

As an assessor and contributor in OSCE stations preparation, I was very  glad that we are implementing OSCE as an approach to assess clinical competence since it has a higher reliability and validity compared to traditional assessment methods and it’s more realistic as students got to be quick thinking and able to work under pressure. However, I was impressed by the students’ performance which was up to the level and that made me very proud’ quoted Dr. Rania Itani.

Being an assessor for the third consecutive year, I am impressed with the substantial improvement of the students’ competencies over years especially in the scope of pharmaceutical care. Qualifying exam in the form of OSCE is important as it allows assessing student ability before entry to practice site as health care professional’ quoted Dr. Youssef Fattouh.

The OSCE was a totally new experience to me. I felt that I was in a real-life practice situation where I was responsible to deal professionally with the patient, address his concerns and solve his drug therapy related problem. It was very challenging yet I guess it brought out the best of me.’ quoted Yousra Fakhro, a fifth level student.