A preceptor development workshop was conducted at the LIU- Beqaa Campus, under the title of “Optimizing the Learning Experience for Your Students”, by Prof. Joseph Saseen, the vice chair of the department of clinical pharmacy at the University of Colorado Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine.
The workshop aimed to provide preceptors from different Lebanese Universities with further insight on adult learning principles, giving effective feedback to students and effective conflict management.
During the workshop, the preceptors shared their experiences about these topics.

The workshop was interesting and helpful. It was enlightening to hear the perspectives of preceptors, from different pharmacy universities, on the challenges that we encounter while precepting students”, quoted Dr. Rania Itani, Clinical Instructor in the Faculty of Pharmacy.   

 “It was really delighted to be a part of BAU faculty team, to participate and share my experience with others”, quoted Dr. Youssef Fattouh, Clinical Instructor in the Faculty of Pharmacy.