On Saturday 24 September pharmacy students, academic members and staff gathered in one of the fabulous spots in Lebanon to enjoy their weekend out at the Arnaoon Village in north Lebanon.

During the day, they enjoyed the outstanding serene atmosphere, entertaining activities, and delicious food in the breathtaking nature of the village. They participated in zip line, climbing and rappelling wall, and zigzag walk. Moreover, during lunchtime pharmacy students and academic members celebrated the World Pharmacists Day.

It was a wonderful day spent with our big family in beauty nature which was totally relaxing and refreshing after a long week. I hope we can plan for such trips frequently because they provide us with positive energy and allow us to get closer to each other and strengthen our relationships with colleagues and academic members’ quoted Sahar Abdul Ghafour and Samer Jallad, senior pharmacy students.

This day was one of the unforgettable days that I enjoyed the most after a stressful week. It was a great opportunity to gather with our students outside the campus in beauty nature. Maybe the best part of the day was the time when I was savoring that last sip of coffee under a shady kharoub tree swaying with the autumn breeze. I wish everyone was here to share those cherished moments with our students’ quoted Dr. Khaled Abdul Jalil.