BAU main campus witnessed on 26 September the celebration of the 6th World Pharmacists Day which was entitled ‘consult your pharmacist’.

The aim of that day was to bring attention to pharmacists and reflect on their important role in providing care to the public and to highlight the emotional connection they have with their patients. The role of pharmacists has evolved from that of a provider of medicines to that of a provider of care
The faculty of pharmacy with its enthusiastic students and academic members created three main booths to provide patient care services, for the BAU community, in hypertension and diabetes mellitus and to provide therapeutic consultations for patients on their diseases and medications in other diseases at the booth ‘ask your pharmacist’.

The community of BAU visited the different booths. Patients and staff were impressed by the knowledge, and skills that our qualified pharmacists have while consulting them.

 ‘The world pharmacists day launched by our faculty was a wonderful opportunity to promote our profession. We could successfully prove that we have the expertise to provide patient care services that are cost-effective and of high quality. The community believes in our role in health promotion and we will do our best to keep up our services’ quoted Dr. Rania Itani, clinical instructor in the Faculty of pharmacy.

Spreading health awareness and serving BAU community was a great experience. It was a pleasure to recognize the satisfaction of the patients with our services. I think that this day gave us the chance also to emphasize that we are care providers who have a vital role in the outcome of pharmacological therapies and to improve patients’ quality of life’ quoted Dr. Youssef Fattouh, clinical instructor in the Faculty of pharmacy.