A delegation from the faculty of Pharmacy headed by the dean Prof. Abdalla Ellakkany and composed of  Dr. Mohamed Issa and Dr. Lama Soubra actively participated in the sixth international conference of Faculty of pharmacy/the second forum on the advancement of pharmacy education in the gulf and middle east. The conference was held over three days (9 -11February 2017) in Radisson Blu/ Kuwait city.

The conference sessions included keynote lectures given by distinguished scholars from North America and Europe, along with workshops presented and facilitated by dedicated faculty members from Canadian accredited faculty of pharmacy. Faculty of pharmacy shared in the organization of the workshops and participated in the delivery of two of them: team teaching and active learning by Dr. Issa and Dr. Soubra respectively. 

The goal of the conference was to bring dedicated pharmacy educators from the region in an effort to share best practices and discuss together the challenges regarding pharmacy education. This program was complemented by poster presentations and several social activities aimed at facilitating interactive networking.

It was really an enjoyable experience to attend and contribute to this conference and forum where we shared our best practices and challenges and exchanged expertise in different aspects of pharmacy education” quoted Dr. Lama Soubra