Members of the Faculty of pharmacy actively participated in a two-day conference entitled “Advancing Patient Care through Interprofessional Collaboration” which was held on April 15-16, 2016 at Metropolitan Hotel, Beirut, and at LAU’s Byblos campus.

 The conference addressed interprofessional education and collaborative practice in hospital setting. International leaders delivered state-of-the-art presentations on interprofessional education and collaborative practice on Day 1 at the Metropolitan Hotel in Beirut. A plenary session on the interprofessional elements embedded in the Joint Commission International (JCI) Standards was delivered as well for health care providers in hospitals seeking accreditation or reaccreditation by JCI.

On Day 2, at LAU’s Byblos campus, the conference participants attended presentations and workshops focusing on how to introduce collaborative practice approaches for preventing iatrogenic complications, decreasing patient length of stay, and increasing satisfaction of patients and professional staff. During the workshops, participants formed teams including clinicians from different professions such as:(medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, dietetics), clinical administrators and faculty members from different schools and health professions, and each team put into practice the principles of interprofessional collaboration discussed the previous day.

 ‘The sessions were interesting and enabled me to gain knowledge of interprofessional collaboration worldwide from the experience of the keynote speakers. Moreover, it provided guidance for enhancing interprofessional education which is one of the core components of our program’ quoted Dr. Youssef Fattouh, clinical instructor at the faculty of pharmacy, BAU.

‘Definitely interprofessional collaboration is a guarantee for optimal patient care, and this was highly demonstrated in the team-based simulation activities during the interactive workshops that I really enjoyed the most’ quoted Dr. Deema Rahme, clinical instructor at the faculty of pharmacy, BAU.