“Leadership: Can you lead your success?”

In our complex and dynamic world, the concept of a single ‘hero’ leader has been completely replaced with an engaging leadership approach that cascades throughout a profession. This collective approach to leadership works well for academics and scientists who increasingly practice in cross-disciplinary environments.
This workshop is designed to encourage the audience and boost their leadership behaviours. Through a simple multi-step model, the audience will have the opportunity to discover the concept, definitions and theories of leadership. More importantly, this lecture can provide basic tools that help the attendees develop a leadership style that is effective, authentic and sustainable in today’s times.


•    To reflect on the concept of leadership (Why do we need leadership?).
•    To define leadership (Who is the leader?).
•    To describe main theories of leadership (How does the leader work?).
•    To identify the core competencies of a leader (What is the leader made of?)
•    To provide a plan and tools to build an effective and authentic leadership style (How can we lead others?)

BAU, Tripoli Campus     Hall: Multipurpose room
Date: Friday August 26, 2016
Time: 9 am – 11 am