PHBS 603

PHBS 603-Biostatistics and Research Methodology (2Crs.:2Lec):

Introduction to the course, definitions, Characteristics of data and Collection of data, Sampling (Types of sample, Methods of sample), Essentials for research design (Types of research study, Components of research protocol), Tabular and graphical Presentation of data (Frequency distribution tables, Contingency tables, Bar-chart, Histogram, Frequency polygon and pie-chart),Mathematical presentation of data: Measures of central tendency :Mean, Median, Mode; Measures of variation: Range, Standard deviation, Standard of error, CO-variance, Normal distribution Curve, Hypotheses Formulation, Tests of Hypotheses and significance (Parametric tests): Z test, "t'' tests, Correlation test r-test, Analysis of variance F-test, Chi- square test. Non- Parametric tests, systematic reviews and evidence based dentistry.