We show consideration and appreciation for all co-workers under all conditions and circumstances.


We strive to continuously achieve excellence through a positive approach to change, on-going improvement, creativity, and cooperation with the aim to enhance the quality of our work.


We work with dedication to accomplish our mission and vision.


We work collaboratively with each other to achieve our goals.


  • Establishing  short-term and long-term publication schedules for all editorial projects.
  • Introducing  innovative ideas and gathering necessary information to make sound decisions in publication.
  • Providing  official up-to-date information about BAU to both internal and external sectors.
  • Collaborating  with the academic and non-academic staff to enhance the quality of reports and publications.
  • Assisting  in implementing the Visual Identity inside the University.


The Technical Office contributes significantly to the publication process with the assistance of many internal departments and faculties. It aims to provide relevant information that keeps stakeholders updated with the ongoing changes at the University.

the guide / BAU Ambulatory Care Center
Thursday, September 6, 2018

the guide / BAU Ambulatory Care Center

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