BAU - Beirut Arab University


Mission Statement

The mission of the BAU Alumni Affairs and Career Office is to foster beneficial lifelong connections with its alumni through maintaining personal contact, hosting special events, creating a network between members, offering services which benefit alumni, and by involving alumni in ways which use their talents and skills to enhance the University and its Alumni Office, thus leading to increased support for the institution’s mission and goals. 
Alumni Affairs and Career Office strengthens these ties, beginning with students, by instilling a sense of belonging that will extend beyond graduation and continues with alumni by inviting them to actively support the future of the University, in addition to society.

- Establish and cultivate relations with alumni and friends of Beirut Arab University through communications, programs, and services.

- Serve as the primary alumni resource for Beirut Arab University in alumni services and programs.

- Provide opportunities for alumni to volunteer their time and talents on behalf of the University and its students.

- Ensure that alumni have the means to communicate their accomplishments, interests, and concerns to other members of the University.

- Support the fundraising activities and priorities of the University.

- Encourage individual alumni to provide financial support to the University.

- Prepare graduates to move from the learning environment to the professional environment.



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