Meeting with the Psychology Department Alumni

16 October 2015 Aiming at the enhancing the channels of communication with the Faculty of Arts Alumni, a meeting was held on Friday 16/10/2015 at 3:00 pm. The meeting was attended by the undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as academic staff members at the department & the Faculty. The alumni discussed the current job-market issues relevant to psychology in Lebanon.
They also highlighted the great benefits they had gained from their study at the psychology Department, demonstrating how it helped them in their practical life. Commenting on the importance of psychology in the Lebanese society in particular & the Arab World in General, the graduates recommended that the portion of field training should be increased in the curriculum, as this sharpens the students’ skills & abilities necessary to face the challenges in the society. In addition, they stressed the importance of such events, where they get the chance to transfer their  experiences to the undergraduates. Based upon this request, a second meeting has been scheduled for mid-December 2015. In conclusion, the dean briefed the attendees of all the developments & activities held at the Department

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