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Authentic Learning

  The faculty of medicine at Beirut Arab University had great emphases on the students centered learning approach, which focuses on the need for medical students to be involved in their educational process and thus acknowledging student’s voice as central to the learning experience. Faculty has moved towards interactive learning using small groups, student-centered learning, integrated curriculum, with early introduction of clinical sciences and skills and the creation of more relevant and authentic settings in which learning occurs. Authentic learning cuts across disciplines and brings students into meaningful contact with the real world, future work environment and patients.(Read more)
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Faculty of Medicine at Beirut Arab University has been established in 1995 with 35 students. Since then, 815 students have been graduated.

Healthcare and Diagnostic Physiology Centers

Given the mission of improving health of the population by providing quality yet accessible primary health care services as well as contributing in the clinical education of BAU students of related majors, the University Healthcare Centre was developed and worked on and is to start its work soon. This ambulatory care is being developed within the Hariri building which is going to work based on a patient-focused service where some conditions may be treated without the need for an overnight stay in hospital.BAUHC adheres to the Lebanese Primary Care Accreditation Standards 2016.(Read more)

Research Based Learning

  In keeping with its mission, BAU stressed in the new strategy on the importance of research and assigns actions to attain excellence in research and encourages all Faculties to apply for extramural funding. In line with this research strategy, BAU has already established a University Research Committee and allocated intramural funding for faculty research. Faculty encourages students to engage in research, accordingly, three approaches have been adopted at the Faculty. (Read more)

MBBCh program shall strive to provide adequate opportunities to observe, perform and practice basic clinical and professional skills competently with an understanding of the basic and clinical sciences within a progressive patient's care.

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