International Women's Day (IWD) is a worldwide campaign celebrated on the 8th of March that has a goal to advocate women's rights and to make people more aware about female health. The Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee’s (LeMSIC), Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health Including HIV/AIDS (SCORA), being part of the Medical Faculty in Beirut Arab University, celebrated IWD on March 20 2017. This IWD was celebrated in our university at a later date than the International women’s known day in order to make a point that  IWD shouldn't be celebrated on just one specific day but rather it is an event that should be celebrated everyday as  women should be respected, and appreciated on every day of the year. We had stands with different information being available about various topics such as social, health, body image perception, and information was stressed on the importance on self-breast examination, & frequent clinical check up. We were also joined by KAFA NGO, who introduced itself, and talked about its agenda to pass laws in Lebanon in favor of women's rights. Self defense class was also available in the campaign to teach women how to protect themselves in case they were to get assaulted. This can save their lives in critical situations. They were tested through smart, fun, witty games to see that they have learnt those essential defense moves. At the end, those who passed those tests, they got a sweet treat, and a chance to win gift vouchers.

The second part of the campaign was a conference that was held in Ali Rashed auditorium. We were honored to have Dr. Issam Shaarani, Dr. Salah Malas, Ms.Joumana Hadad, Ms.Hala Hamoud, & Ms.Sabine Fakhoury as speakers in the conference. The women shared with us their personal experience in their respected occupation. They also talked about the obstacles they had to overcome, and the sacrifices they had to do in order to reach their current achievements today. Our two Doctors talked more in depth about women's health and what kind of frequent cases they encounter in Lebanon. At the end of the conference, we honored each speaker with a comer bel armor from Beirut Arab University & Lebanese Medical Students' International Committee.