The Faculty of Medicine at Beirut Arab University launched the continuous medical education activity “ Internal Medicine Town Meeting” on 8th of March, 2018 at Beirut Arab University, Tripoli campus in collaboration with the Lebanese Order of Physicians, Tripoli (LOPT) and the affiliated hospitals (Albert Haykel Hospital, New Mazloum Hospital, and Nini Hospital). The opening ceremony started at 4:00 PM in the presence of General and Medical Directors from the affiliated hospitals as well as representatives from various hospitals in the North. The event included welcome speeches by the Vice-President for Tripoli Branch Affairs Professor Khaled Baghdadi, the President of LOPT; Dr. Omar Ayache, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Professor Najlaa Mashaal, and the graduate medical education committee chair, Dr. Issam Shaarani. Speeches pointed out the importance of the continuous medical education, and focused on the value of partnership between Beirut Arab University and the Hospitals in the North, and the collaboration with the Lebanese Order of Physicians, Tripoli The first lecture entitled “Diabetes Mellitus; Overview and Updates” was presented by Dr. Hala Ahmadieh; faculty member and Internal medicine Program Director