Managing Board

The Managing Board provides an overall guidance to assure adherence of RCED to its strategy and priorities. It serves as a representative of consultants and responsible community members who provide advice, consultation and support. RCED Managing Board grantees transparency, dissemination of findings and a linkage with different sectors of society and community.

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Member Position 
Prof. Amr Jalal Al Adawi President of Beirut Arab University 
Mr. Issam  Houri
Secretary General of Beirut Arab University
Prof. Hanafy Holail
Vice President for Academic Affairs - BAU
Dr.Mohammad Raslan
Dean of Scientific Research and International Relations – BAU  
Dr. Mostapha Mrad
Dean of Health Sciences
Prof. Hamdy Sief
Prof. of Sanitary Eng.& Sanitary Eng. Consultant Faculty of Eng-BAU
Prof. Rajaa Fakhoury
Dean/ Faculty of Sciences – Beirut Arab University
Dr. Adel El Kordi
Dean/ Faculty of Engineering - Beirut Arab University
Dr. Sobhi Abo Chahine
Dean of Students Affairs – Beirut Arab University
Dr. Maha Aboulela
Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department
Dr. Fouad Saad
Consultant of Agricultural Affairs – Beirut Arab University
Eng. Maan Amiri
President of the BAU Alumni / Bekaa
Dr. Safaa Baydoun
Director of  Research Center for Environment and Development
Mr. Mohammad Kara'awi
General Director of Bekaa Hospital
Dr. Mohammad El Khawlie
Environmental/Geological Consultant - Qatar Foundation's Arab Expatriate Scientists Network
Dr. Ahmad Al Jammal
Director General of Higher Education مدير عام وزارة التعليم العالي
Dr. Chadi Abdallah
Remote Sensing-National Council for Scientofic Researches
Dr. Fayez Araji
President of Waii Movement
Mrs. Dunia Khoury
President of Women Association of Dyr el Ahmar (WADA)
Dr. Assem Araji
PM-Member of the Parlimental Environment Committee
Prof. Batoul Yahfoufy
President of EuroMediterranean Forum
Mr. Kamel El Abdouni
BLOM Bank Branch Manager/Jib Jannine
Dr. Lamis Chalak
Lebanese University - Faculty of Agriculture