The Library’s vision at Beirut Arab University is to enhance and develop library services in line with the University strategy of providing quality education and research, to follow up with technological developments to provide international e-service standards, and to support e-learning to enable libraries to become an educational center for users of the University and its community.


The University library administration constantly endeavors to achieve Beirut Arab University’s vision of supporting education and research by providing various information sources that fulfill the needs of users. In addition, the administration strives to supply information through international collaborative sources and networks. It also takes interest in developing human resources to accomplish anticipated future objectives.

Future Plans

  1. Digitization of BAU library collections including: Rare books and manuscripts (2018-2019), Theses and dissertations (2019).
  2. Establishment of a conservatory for rare books and manuscripts (2018-2019).
  3. Participation in the International Archive Day event on the 9th of June, 2019.
  4. Cataloguing of maps (2018-2019).
  5. Update of BAU archive management systems (2018-2019).
  6. Implementation of cloud computing at libraries (2018-2020).