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Language Center


The Language Centre aims at enhancing the target language skills among learners in order to be able to use it fluently at both the communicative and the academic levels. Therefore, the scope of objectives covers the following:

• Promote competence in multi-lingual and intercultural communication.

• Support the overarching academic objectives of BAU.

• Provide BAU students and the general public with first-rate language instruction services.

• Improve students’ linguistic competence in English and/or French and sharpen the skills necessary for academic purposes.

• Meet the language needs of matriculated national and international students at BAU.

• Offer tailored courses to meet the special needs of students.

• Participate in local and international conventions, conferences, seminars and workshops related to education and language learning.

• Provide Arabic language programs through the TAFL division to meet the needs of expatriate and foreign students.

• Establish communication venues with other institutions interested in languages, whether teaching or learning, to further cultural and educational exchange.

• Offer scientific and systematic consultations related to educational techniques and teacher training. 

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