Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Communication and Electronics section can find career opportunities in the following fields:
    – Telecom (Telephony PSTN)
    – Mobile Telephony
    – Communication Networks
    – Television Corporations 
    – Biomedical (Hospitals)
    – Sensors
Computer Engineering spans a wide range of fields starting with theory up to programming and reaching cutting-edge development of computing solutions and facilities. Computer Engineering provides the main pillar that enables graduating engineers to autonomously acquire new ideas and easily get acquainted with new technologies. The possible career path of computer engineers resides in three main categories: a) designing and implementing software and hardware solutions; b) developing efficient methodologies to solve computing problems, such as sending data over networks, storing information in databases, or providing new approaches to information security challenges; and c) devising new and better ways of using computers and addressing particular challenges in areas such as robotics, computer intelligence, or digital forensics.
The BAU mechanical engineer is qualified to work in the following areas: 
    -Design of mechanical systems: BAU mechanical engineers have the opportunity to work in offices which conduct mechanical design and research and development (R&D). Students learn necessary tools of numerical analysis to design mechanical systems using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Computer Aided Design (CAD) for global industrial companies in different applications (transport, power and structure).

    - Design of heat systems: In this area, the mechanical engineer has  the possibility to work in servicing buildings to install air conditioning  and ventilation systems (HVAC). This is an area recruitable locally and in Gulf countries where the air conditioning system is important due to high temperatures. The mechanical engineering graduate from BAU  may also work in energy production especially renewable energy from solar and sources wind which are becoming increasingly important for the human society.
    -The mechanical engineering graduate from BAU will be able to design and maintain a hydraulic system in various applications (trucks, bulldozers,…) including pipe lines, reservoirs and hydraulic machinery.