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International Relations Office

Mission and Vision


The International Relations Office (IRO) at Beirut Arab University (BAU) is responsible for establishing, managing and monitoring cooperation agreements and international projects with international institutions and for supporting exchange programs for students and staff. The IRO at BAU is also responsible for sustaining relationships with partners and representing the university abroad.


The International Relations Office (IRO) at Beirut Arab University (BAU) aspires to promote the University’s international image as a global center of excellence in teaching and research and to support the quality of knowledge through global partnerships and mobility of students and staff.


1.    To strengthen academic cooperation with international higher education institutions.
2.    To promote an internationalization culture at BAU.
3.    To make BAU visible at the international level.
4.    To facilitate the mobility of international staff and students.
To support international multidisciplinary research.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.     Initiating cooperation with institutions of higher education by signing international accords
        and agreements, strengthening, and maintaining agreements with existing partners through
        continuous and dynamic collaboration.
2.     Organizing joint projects, seminars and conferences with international partners.
3.     Promoting mobility programs in the university campuses.
4.     Following up and orienting students and staff in the mobility process. 
Monitoring and publicizing the main resources of publications from the international projects.


1.    Following university rules and procedures.
2.    Meeting objectives and carrying out responsibilities.
3.    Adapting to change in support of vision.
4.    Working as a teamwork.
5.    Serving students and staff with continuous quality.
6.    Supporting students and staff with respect and cooperation.
7.    Creating, innovating and sharing new ideas.
Collaborating with partners and stakeholders of the university with integrity and trustworthiness.

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