International Accreditation for the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Beirut Arab University

31 January 2017

Bahiah Al Hariri: BAU Restored Beirut’s Essential Role in the Building of National Experience.

The Faculty of Law and Political Science at BAU celebrated the occasion of obtaining the International Accreditation from the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) for its BA, MA and PhD Programs.
This accreditation was attained after a series of successful visits paid by the institution delegate to the faculty confirming the compatibility of the quality of the faculty academic programs with the international criteria. Such accreditation adds to the international rank of the faculty as one of the most prominent locally and internationally.
Under the patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers H.E. Mr. Saad Hariri represented by the Head of the Parliamentary Education Committee MP Bahia Al Hariri, A Ceremony event was held at Phoenicia Hotel in the presence of the Grand-Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh Abdul-Latif  Derian, Former Prime Minister Mr. Fouad Saniora, Minister of Education and Higher Education Mr. Marwan Hamadeh, MPs Dr. Ammar Houri, Dr. Mohammad Kabbani, Ahmad Fatfat, Kathem El Kheir, Khaled Zahraman, Kassem Abdul Azizi, and Amin Wehbe, Former Prime Minister Mr. Najib Mikati represented by Mr. Walid Daouk, American Ambassador to Lebanon Ms. Elizabeth Richard, UAE Ambassador to Lebanon Mr. Walid Bokhari, Ambassadors of Algeria, Yemen, Iraq, Tunisia and Morocco as well as representatives of Egypt’s, Indonesia’s and Palestine’s Ambassadors. 
The event was also attended by Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Jean Fahd, President of the Constitutional Council Dr. Issam Sleiman, a number of judges and jurists, Director General of the Internal Security Forces Major General Ibrahim Basbous, Director General of Public Security, university presidents, former MPs, media figures, BAU friends, human rights specialists, BAU alumni in Jordan Ministers Toufic Kraishan and Abdul Karim AL Malahma, law professors from Alexandria University, Head of Al Bir Wal Ehsan Dr. Said Jazairi, BAU President Professor Amr Galal El Adawi, BAU Secretary General Dr. Omar Houri, deans, directors, and Alumni.
In his alumni speech, Dr. Omar Houri stated that the Faculty of Law played a prominent role in spreading the culture of the Arab legal school throughout the world. “Watch its graduates becoming representatives wherever they go. The Faculty has graduated Arab jurists with a firm belief in their uniqueness, with a clearly-defined school, and an even clearer mission. At a time when the Arab states were suffering turmoil and changes, our graduates where in charge of the key-positions in public life, in particular the legal ones, putting their expertise at the service of their communities.”
Many stand witness that the faculty has become a prestigious school of law in Lebanon and the Arab World and its graduates hold high positions and are engaged in the most important professions, as stated by the Faculty Dean, Professor Kassem.
For him, this international accreditation is but a crowning of the Faculty’s  inspiring history and long journey in legal education which does not fall short of the level of education offered at the greatest law schools in the world.
Professor Fathi Wali, one of the most prominent senior professors at the faculty, indicated that the university strength lies in its faith in the freedom of the mind and thought and its end is directed towards the development of its students’ self-readiness  based on personal effort always leading to more creativity and excellence.
In her speech, the FIBAA Director General Prof. Kerstin Fink stated that this institution was founded twenty years ago and is concerned with the field of quality assurance and development. Both BAU’s institutional accreditation and the accreditation of the Faculty of Business Administration were granted by FIBAA.
Fink affirmed that granting accreditation for the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs comes after a series of measures, long-term investigation and the assurance of the students’ readiness to work according to international criteria and advanced content delivered by academic staff, judges and lawyers with international and varied experiences. The faculty has a Center for Human Rights which offers learning material as well as student and NGO researches which serves as an exception in the Arab region. Fink ended her speech saying that the faculty achievement came after firm dedication and effort leading to its international recognition.
Fink, then, granted Professor El Adawi the three accreditation certificates for each of the faculty BA, MA and PhD Programs.

Professor El Adawi asserted that this accreditation enhances BAU’s modern and advanced prospect as it has been granted international  institutional accreditation as well as international accreditation for its various faculties from the most prestigious international accreditation institutions, thus confirming its status on the educational map at the local, regional and international levels and enriching its students with all the factors required to stride into the local, Arab and international job markets with utter confidence. 

Delivered by MP Bahia Al Hariri, Saad Al Hariri’s speech affirmed BAU’s value and rank in Lebanon in general and Beirut in particular. “All the love and appreciation are due to Beirut and Beirut Arab University with more success on its educational journey. BAU deserves to hold the name of Beirut as it has been its  mirror over decades steered  by Wakf El Bir Wal Ehsan pioneer founders, administrators, professors, alumni throughout Lebanon and the Arab World”.
“Today we are celebrating a new Beirut as BAU gathered us to announce its journey of interaction and scientific research in law, administration, and political, natural and applied sciences. As of today, teaching is no more the only way to the job market if not firmly associated with scientific research being the basis of economy, legislation and discovery in the modern competitive countries. Therefore, BAU has restored Beirut’s essential role in the building of national experience over nearly two centuries during which Beirut was Lebanon’s school and university, the springboard to the State of Greater Lebanon in 1920 after long decades of embracing the journey to enlightenment and national unity in Lebanon”, Al Hariri added. 

At the end of the ceremony, Professor El Adawi granted MP Al Hariri an honorary shield. The ceremony also included a number of short films whicAh shed the light on the faculty history, faculty deans and the nine international accreditations obtained by the various faculties at BAU as well an overview of the university development over time.   

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