Infection Control & Management

MELS 412- Infection Control & Management

Course Information
Course Title:                 Infection control & management
Code:                           MELS 412
Hours:                          Lec – 3 credit hrs.      Lab – 0 hrs.    Cln – 0 hr.    Credit hrs. – 3
Prerequisite:                 None.
Level/semester:            2nd level- Fall
Department offering the course:     Medical Laboratory Technology.

Course Description
This course studies basic concepts in laboratory infection control, handling of specimens and proper storage. The major causes of contamination are delineated and unraveled such that systematic laboratory management is evident in infection control. In addition, the course investigates the role of medical laboratory technologist in curbing infection and its effect on laboratory analysis.

Course Aim
The aim of this course is to orient the students about what are the different types of Health care associated infections (HCAI)  & how to prevent HCAI by the items of the essentials precautions & isolation precaution to prevent HCAI.
To let the students know how the microbiology lab has a great role in Infection Control Management.
Have  an idea about Infection Control team & policy.
Know what is safety precautions to be adopted in the laboratory to prevent infections.

Teaching and Learning Methods
Group discussions

Manual of Infection Prevention and Control. Third edition. Oxford University press.2012.
Lippincott’s illustrated reviews; 3rd– Lippincott’s Williams & Wilkins Walters Klawer.2013.