Under the mobility agreement between the University of Pavia and Beirut Arab University, staff members from the Nutrition & Dietetics department visited the University of Pavia for one week. Dr. Nada EL DARRA, Assistant Professor of Food Safety & Engineering and Mrs. Leila Itani, lecturer in Nutrition participated in the Nutrition international week organized by the department of Nutrition in the University of Pavia. During this week, lectures were provided by Dr. Maureen Leonard, instructor in Harvard Medical School and Staff members of Beirut Arab University. The target audience were postgraduate students in enrolled in the Nutrition Master program at Pavia University encompassing students from different specialties including pharmacists, medical doctors, biologist and dieticians. Dr. Maureen Leonard, Clinical Director of the Center for Celiac Research & Treatment, delivered lectures on Celiac disease, Gluten free diet and introduced how to develop Microbiome for management of celiac disease. Dr. El Darra’s lectures were about the food preservations techniques, food additives. She explained the accelerated method for shelf life calculation as well as the toxicity assessment of Food additives. Mrs. Leila Itani provided lectures on the prevention of malnutrition through a life course approach namely during the first 1000 days of life and though School based food and Nutrition education. This mission is in line with Beirut Arab University (BAU) strategy, which encourages staff mobility to promote learning and research experiences overseas and the exchange of different cultural traditions.