The physical therapy department at the Faculty of Health Sciences - BAU celebrated the international day of persons with disabilities on the 1st of December 2016 in collaboration with Moussawat organization and the presence of Islamic Relief Lebanon.

Dr. Khaled El Takey started the event by a speech on how the community must fairly treat people with disabilities and that the potentials these people have are endless and must be exploited right.

Dr. Ibtissam Saab explained the role of physiotherapists in improving the quality of life for disabled people, followed by a speech for Mr. Kamel El Sabbah (head of Moussawat org) who talked for the first time about his disability and how it was a life-changing experience.

The last talk was for an astonishing girl about her everyday challenges with disability and her family support.

Finally an entertainment activity for the disabled children took place where children danced, colored and played with PT students, then gifts were distributed for the children and memorial pictures were taken.