In response of the increased number of amputated people secondary either to vascular causes or due to war injuries especially the emerging crisis in Syria, the course addressed the PRE and POST fitting rehabilitation protocols that were developed by ICRC in the management of lower limb amputees (assessment, treatment planning, and intervention). The course was 80% hands-on experience were more than 15 volunteers participated (unilateral and bilateral amputees, transtibial and/or transfemoral). Participants were from ICRC Lebanon, Syria, Bangladesh, Guinea Bissau, and many other countries.

The course main objectives were:

- Use clinical reasoning to assess and treat persons with lower limb amputation;

- Introduce P&O interventions (including basic knowledge about alignment) in order to improve interdisciplinary interaction;

- Examine complex cases and propose adequate rehabilitation;

- Use adequate outcome measures to describe physiotherapy interventions;

- Share respective experiences and concerns.


- Didier Cooreman, PRP manager, Lebanon

- Hala Sultan, PRP assistant, Lebanon

- Dr. Rami Abbas - BAU

Trainer :Venkat Packirisamy, Trainer, ICRC physiotherapist.


- Didier Cooreman, PRP manager, Lebanon

- William Sleiman, P&O ( TBC)

- Monhem Arab, P&O (TBC)

- Ana Lucia, PT Bissau

- Stephen Sumner, Mirror therapy specialist