This is the second regional conference at LAU that addresses inter professional education and practice. On Day 1, we attended a series of seminars given by renowned academic and professional leaders from various disciplines specialized in evidence- and practice-based information on the value and implementation of inter professional learning, collaborative practice and the global-health perspective of IPE. At the end of day1, we participated in the workshop entitled ‘Hands-on strategies for collaborative star leaders’. On Day 2, we attended a plenary session about inter professional work to improve quality and safety in acute and chronic-care settings, followed by two interactive workshops of simulation activities that addressed the way of assessment for IPE activities and team-based approaches to managing various patient-care scenarios and clinical conditions such as sepsis, diabetes, obesity and post-bariatric surgery care. After taking intensive seminars and workshops in advanced IPE skills during these two days, we are now interested to apply these competencies in our IPE program in order to enhance it and sensitize students to the value of inter professional collaborations in improving professional practice in healthcare. At the end of the conference, in addition to the certificate of attendance to the conference, separate certificates of attendance for each workshop were given too and pictures were taken with participants from other departments at BAU.