Nutrition & Dietetics Department


To contribute to the development and upgrading of health services in Lebanon and the region by providing excellent education and scientific research of high quality by innovation in undergraduate education of qualified nutritionists and dieticians, and promoting public health through assessment, policy development, and delivering of programs and services.


Undergraduate education in the Nutrition and Dietetics Department provides:

  • Fundamental knowledge and skills about the role of proper nutrition in human health that is necessary to enhance their career prospect.
  • The scientific principles of diet planning and nutritional care of health-related nutrition diseases.
  • The importance of proper nutrition in order to prevent and eradicate malnutrition problems.
  • The opportunity to apply the community nutrition programs in order to promote and raise the standard of health of the individuals.
  • Training in the field of nutrition, clinical nutrition and community.

This education is meant to prepare our students to thrive and to lead. It also prepares them to achieve:

  • Successful Careers: Graduates of the program will have successful technical or professional careers.
  • Lifelong Learning: Graduates of the program will continue to learn and to adapt in a world of constantly evolving technology.