Forensic Biomedicine

MELT 401 Forensic Biomedicine

Course Title:                Forensic Biomedicine.
Code:                          MELT 401.
Hours:                         Lec – 2 Hrs.    Lab – 0 Hrs.    Cln – 0 Hr.    Credit hrs. – 2.
Prerequisite:                MELT 305.
Level/Semester:           4th level - Fall.
Department offering the course:     Medical Laboratory Technology/Faculty of Health Sciences.


This course is involved with understanding basic concepts in forensic biology/biomedicine and crime scene investigation.

Forensic Biomedicine is cutting-edge field in the arena of medical criminology. The medical laboratory technologist is systematically introduced to the following topics: What a forensic scientist does; The role of the forensic pathologist; Investigation of traumatic deaths; Forensic toxicology; Crime scene investigation (CSI); Recognition and identification of bloodstain patterns; The forensic laboratory; Identification of biological fluids and stains; Techniques of DNA analysis; Microanalysis and examination of trace evidence; Fingerprints; Use of computers in forensic science; and Countering chaos: Logic, ethics, and the criminal justice system.

Illustrated lecture using personal computer, data show and white board.
Laboratory experiments
Research work.
Group discussion.
Video films.

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