Food Service Management

NUTR 417 - Food Service Management  

Course Title:                Food Service Management   
Code :                         NUTR 417
Hours:                         Lec – 2 Hr.    Lab –2 Hrs.        Cln. – 0 Hr.    Cr. Hr. – 3.
Prerequisite:                Senior standing
Level/Semester:           3rd level – Fall
Department offering the course:    Nutrition & Dietetics – Faculty of Health Sciences.

The course covers the technical and managerial aspects of food establishments including supervision, evaluation and intervention in various activities. The course includes field trips to food establishment followed by reporting and group discussion.

This course provides the students with a solid foundation in all areas of food service management. It focuses on strategies for serving large numbers of people including planning menu, quantity of food purchasing, production and serving as well as food safety, procurement, daily operations, food delivery systems. It aims at preparing graduates to work for large scale operations such as hospitals, schools, healthcare facilities as well as catering companies and commercial businesses. The main aim of the field visits is to understand the flow of a food service operation within a food service establishment.

Group reporting
Class discussions.
Field visits/ Practical work

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Students are advised to visit web pages related and which are not limited to:
National Foodservice Management Institute website and resources www.