Food Borne Diseases

MELT 222-Food Borne Diseases

Course Information
Course Title:                Food Borne Diseases        
Code:                          MELT 222
Hours:                         Lec – 2 credit hrs.     Lab – 0 hrs..        Cln – 0 Hr.              Credit hrs. – 2.
Level / semester:          All levels/ Fall.
Prerequisite:                None.
Department offering the course:  Medical Laboratory Technology.

Course Description
This course is involved with understanding common food-borne illnesses contracted from consumption of contaminated food or beverages, and adopting standards and policies for its prevention. This course covers the wide range of micro-organisms occurring in food, both as contaminants and deliberate inoculations, hazards associated with food borne diseases, food safety and food handling practices, methods of investigations, and standards for prevention and control.

Course Aim
To have an idea & differentiate between toxin associated food poisoning and bacteria associated food poisoning as well as the different viral pathogens that could be transmitted via food and if any special management to prevent the occurrence of infection & safety precautions and management of cases.

Teaching and Learning Methods
Group discussions

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Lippincott’s illustrated reviews; 3rd– Lippincott’s Williams & Wilkins Walters Klawer.2013.