First Aid

NURS 001 – First aid

Course Title:      First aid
Code:                NURS 001
Hours:               Lec – 2 Hrs.    Lab – 0Hrs.    Cln – 0 Hr.    Cr. Hr. – 2.
Prerequisite:      None.
Level/Semester: University Elective
Department offering the course: Nursing department – Faculty of Health Sciences.

This course is designed to prepare undergraduate students to become acquainted to the principles of first aid and how to be a rescuer. It also helps them to act promptly in life-saving situations in the streets in order to stabilize the condition until the problem abates or the delivery of more complete health care can be accomplished. It can also help these students to deal with different victims of car accidents, different burns as fire or chemicals etc, injuries as fractures, dislocations, or wounds whether open or closed. It helps the undergraduate students to assess, plan, implement and evaluate victims’ condition prior to medical support arrival. In addition, it allows students to deal with an unresponsive victim and to apply the basic life support skills.

The course aims to provide university students with the basic knowledge related to first aid and live saving issues. It will help the student to evaluate will be able to assess, screen and provide basic first aid procedure according to identified needs.  

1- Data-show presentation.
2- Videos about real scenarios.
3- Handouts.
4- Simulators and demonstrations.


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