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I graduated from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Beirut Arab University, with a total grade of “Very Good”. During my undergraduate years I learnt some fine ethical concepts such as cooperation, generosity, accepting the other, interaction, self-learning, and other positive values. I received my education at the hands of dedicated experts in the field, and I still remember the knowledge they offered their students  to this day.
I am emotionally attached to Beirut Arab University, which drove me to pursue my postgraduate studies there and attained my MA. During my MA study, I observed the development of the University in various aspects, such as teaching and learning, continuous assessment, quality assurance and preparing for academic accreditation. This fostered my sense of belonging to the University, and upon concluding my MA, I decided to register for the Women’s Studies Diploma, to enhance my academic relationship with BAU. I will always maintain my attachment to the Faculty of Arts, Beirut Arab University, and am proud to belong to it.

Olfat Mahmoud
Graduate of BAU
General Director of Women’s Charity Society


Beirut Arab University was my second home. I truly cannot be blamed for considering it one of the best experiences of my life. For during those four short years, I was able to gain role models, friends and a true family. The professors were magnificent, and I am not talking about their teaching skills only, it was in the way they talked to their students and taught them real life lessons. I consider BAU as my first stop or my basic foundation towards success. I will never regret my decision on entering this university and I consider it a blessing that I was a student since I will never think to alter one single thing about our English department. Maybe one of my most unforgettable experiences was when one of my favorite professors came into class and brought Shakespeare to life and from that moment on I knew that whether I change a million jobs during my adult years or not, the only thing I’m sure will be doing when I’m older, is teaching Shakespeare. So thank you for giving me a future, thank you for giving me friends, and finally thank you for helping me become who I am now.

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