Director of Faculty Of Architecture - Tripoli

Director of Faculty Of Architecture - Tripoli It gives me a great pleasure to have the opportunity to welcome you in our webpage of the Faculty of Architectural Engineering_ Tripoli branch. I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all my students and faculty staff who
joined us in our newly established branch, which has started in September 2010.
The faculty of Architectural Engineering in Tripoli fosters a challenging learning environment based on highly qualified faculty members and evolving resource of computer lab, library and model making workshop. Following the main faculty branch in Debbieh, which has gained the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) validation part 1 this year 2012, we are committed  to delivering a professional architectural education necessary for those seeking to enter the architectural practice. We are preparing innovative, critical and industrious graduates able to improve, through their future careers, the quality of their built environment in Lebanon and beyond.
Finally, we are looking forward to meet, communicate, participate and work with you in our Tripoli branch of the Faculty of Architectural Engineering to serve and contribute towards the betterment of the Northern Lebanon
community, in particular, and all the surrounding region in general.

Dr. Nabil Mohareb
Head of Faculty of Architectural Engineering
Tripoli Campus
Beirut Arab University