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Facilities and Services


Drug Analysis

The faculty continues to provide the service of drugs and pharmaceuticals analysis and their validation before they enter into the Lebanese market. This service is provided by the “Drug Analysis” unit at the faculty which is certified by the Lebanese Ministry of Health, and is under the supervision of the university’s Consultation Center.

 Virtual Pharmacy
A Virtual Pharmacy has been established at the faculty, and training for pharmacy students in it takes place. In this pharmacy students can simulate the actual working procedures in community pharmacies such as dealing with medicines that are present in the Lebanese market which is accompanied by supplying patients with guidance and advise.

 Computer Lab
A Computer Laboratory has been established at the faculty and it encompasses 15 computers with simulation programs for experiments that are conducted in the different scientific departments. Students have also been trained in some parts of the Pharmacology course of the fourth level. Students from different levels can also use these computers to conduct an internet search and to accomplish their assignments. Students from other faculties, in the Medical Group, have free access to use these computers when available.


Animal House
An Animal house facility is located at the 12th floor in Hariri building. It is made of durable material and has adequate space to facilitate free movement of personnel and animals. Floor, walls and ceilings are free of cracks. Temperature, humidity, ventilation, and lighting are controlled to meet the biological needs of the animals. Absorbent bedding is removed and replaced as often as necessary to keep the animals clean and dry. The faculty animal house is supplying laboratory animals to support research in different faculties and universities in Lebanon.


The Faculty Prepared a training program workshop for the pharmacy assistants at UNRWA which was carried out by members of the Faculty of Pharmacy for a period of seven weeks, which started on 12/5/2012.

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