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Question # 1: What Are the Circulation Rules For postgraduate Students? 

Answer: The Student Will Have To Pay 100.000 As A Down Payment (That Is Returnable) To The Financial Office. After That, Student should show the librarian the receipt he got and Borrow 5 Books for 2 Weeks. 

For more information, please visit this Link:


Question #2: Does The Library Open On Fridays At The Prayers Time? 

Answer:  Yes It Does. 


Question #3: How to Photocopy a Paper? 

Answer: The Student Will Have To Buy Magnetic Card That Allow Him To Photocopy Around 100 Copies Per 5000L.L. He Can Get It From The Financial Office. 


Question #4: What about the Library Opening Hours in summer? 

Answer:  The Library Opens From 9:00 Am until 3:00 Pm or check this link


Question #5: How can I access the library databases off-campus? 

 First, log in to your I-connect in cmapus, then access any databases & create an account or profile.


Question #6: How can i create an account on Turn it in ? 

 If you are professor or student, you will have to contact the E-resources administrator on so she can create you an account.


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