BIOL 417 - Mycology

Mycology  -  BIOL 417

Catalog Description

Morphology and taxonomy of fungi internal structure and chemical composition of fungal cells, classification of fungi, microbial nutrition, metabolism, development and growth.
Practical: Study of some representative examples of fungi (myxomycotina, phycomycetes, ascomycetes, bacidiomycetes and deuteromycetes) studying the effects of different media and other factors on fungal growth.

Course Objectives

The purpose of the course is to develop student’s interest and enthusiasm for mycology in a range of contexts. The key areas of classification, structure, life cycle and growth are developed through the course. This is together with introduction to pathogenesis of various pathogenic fungi.The course will be of interest and value to learners wishing to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of mycology.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO’s)

Knowledge and understanding

    K1-Identify the properties of fungi

    K2-Classify the fungi

    K3-Define the important processes in the life cycles of fungi

Intellectual abilities

    I1-Formulate the isolation medium for fungi

    I2-Evaluate the fungal growth and activity

    I3-Differentiate between the structures of fungi for identification

Professional and Practical competencies

    P1-Practice the isolation of fungi

    P2-Solve contamination of fungal cultures

General and Transferable Skills

    S1-Communicate ideas effectively

    S2-Deal with scientific material in English                              

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