PHAR 009 Water Secrets and Life

PHAR 009  Water Secrets and Life                    

Faculty offering the course:Faculty of Pharmacy

Basic Information

Total Credit Hours: 2
Lecture: 2
Professional Information
Course Description and Overall aims:
The course aims at inspiring the intellectual and educational awareness of students concerning the importance and vital role of water in life. The course discusses the nature, characters, forms, resources, ecological concepts, pollutants, purification, quality, types, and functions of water. The course orients students to water-related careers, management and protection strategies for specific uses, governmental and citizenship involvement. The course directs students to the importance of water conservation.

Time Table:
Lecture: Tuesday 1-3 pm                 
Office Hours: Monday 8-12 am            

Assessment  Methods:
- Written Assessment 1
- Written Assessment 2
- Final Examination      
- Assignment

List of References
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Further reading:
- Chemistry of Water and Water Pollution / Jan Dojlido, Gerald A. Best. — N.Y. : Ellis Horwood, 1993.