Emergency Care Nursing : Theory

NURS 222 –Emergency Care Nursing: Theory

C O U R S E   I N F O R M A T I O N
Course Title:       Emergency Care Nursing: Theory
Code:                 NURS 222
Hours:                Lec –3 Hrs.    Lab – 0 Hrs.    Cln – 0 Hr.    Cr. Hr. – 3. Co/Prerequisite: NURS 217.
Level/Semester : 1st  level –Spring
Department offering the course: Nursing Department – Faculty of Health Sciences

C O U R S E   D E S C R I P T I O N
This course provides students with knowledge underlying the care of patients presenting with medical and traumatic emergencies with a review on the underlying patho-physiological processes. Emphasis is on triage, disaster management, basic and advanced life support, primary  and  secondary  assessments,  and  immediate  interventions  of  common  various medical and traumatic emergencies. Poisoning, drug overdose, collection and preservation of evidence, legal and forensic considerations are addressed. Critical thinking and problem solving are both focused in each topic.

C O U R S E   A I M
This course aims at providing the student with the theoretical foundations necessary for the emergency care nursing practice. Emphasis in this course is placed on the prioritization and decision making processes of nursing care and the nursing responsibilities associated with diagnostic studies, emergency nursing procedures, evaluation of outcomes, health promotion and support for individuals and families experiencing acute health problems.

T E A C H I N G   A N D   L E A R N I N G   M E T H O D S
1- Interactive lecture.
2- Group discussion.
3- Directed reading.
4- Individual- group exercises
5- Presentations
6- Role play

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