Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

CNC is a highly automated equipped with variety of tools which performs different operations, usually gives the desired accuracy with finding the point of origin, accuracy with respect to X, Y, Z, axis. It is easy to operate and is designed for low to medium volume of production.
Location : A2 Building, B4
Supervisors : Mr. Fadi Fayad
Equipments : CNC machine (4 axis – X 70-80cm, Y 45cm, Z 25-30cm ,Rotational, Computer interface, USB input, and Engineering drawing)
Covered Topics : Manual calculation of tooth path from the drawing
Write CNC machine code
Conduct CNC Milling Experiment
Conduct CNC Turning Experiment
Conduct CNC Drilling Experiment
The study of the characteristics and uses of the various materials, such as metals, ceramics, and plastics, that are employed in science and technology.

Location A2 Building, B4
Supervisors : Mr. Fadi Fayad
Equipments : Educational Universal Testing Machine
Tensile Test Set for Threaded material
Tensile Test Set for UnThreaded material
Compression Test Set
Modulus of Elasticity Kit
Shear Testing Fixture
Brinell Hardness Ball
Impact Testing Machine
Metal Microscope
Metal Cut off Saw
Heat Gun
High Temperature Infrared Thermometer
Bunsen Burner
Nital Etchant Chemical Solution
Covered Topics Hardness Tester - Rockwell/Brinell
Heat Treatment
Tension, Compression
Impact Testing
Metal Shaping is the technology used for shaping metal alloys into useful products by forming processes such as rolling, forging, milling, extrusion, drawing, and sheet-metal forming.

Location A2 Building, B4
Supervisors : Mr. Fadi Fayad
Equipments : Lathe Machine
Mill Machine
Drill Machine
Press Machine
Arc Welding
Spot welding
Surface Finishing
Specimen Cutter
Covered Topics Turning, Threading
Drilling - Material Removal Process
Milling - Material Removal Process
Grinding - Surface Finishing
Sand Casting
Centrifugal Casting
Arc Welding
Tig Welding