Faculty of Engineering has achieved the majority of its set targets underlined by its aims and objectives with regards to its scientific research policy.

Faculties within the faculty of engineering have published in international journals as well as in conferences all around the world. The number of published papers for this academic year can be treated as acceptable. In addition, the number of sponsored and funded scientific research projects have increased in comparison to previous years. On the other hand, scientific research projects aimed at senior students have also been increased in number as well as in quality.

A number of applications for funds from international organizations and foundations for scientific research have been submitted by faculties during this academic year and passed their initial stages for selection. These research projects will be performed by faculties in collaboration with international organizations based in Europe and the United States of America. The final decisions of the selection outcome will be published in due course.

It is however, recommended that more efforts will have to be exerted by the faculties to submit proposals and applications for securing more research funds mainly from the Lebanese National Research Center and other organizations nationally and internationally.